Facts About Wasps

Wasps and Hornets are aggressive and unafraid. People are afraid of their painful stings and don’t like them because they build nests near houses during spring and summer. Here is some interesting facts about wasps: Try not to kill a wasp near its nest as the venom contains a pheromone that attracts the other wasps and make…

How to Locate a Wasp Nest?

Do you see a lot of wasps flying around but cannot identify the nest location? If you see a lot of wasps around your garden, especially around ivy or on tree leaves, the first thing you should make sure of is that they are not "Hoverflies", a very common insect in all Dublin areas.  Hover flies look…

How to remove a wasp nest?

It is now the end of April and queen wasps are waking up from their winter hibernation. In a few weeks, small wasp nests will appear (see picture) in any area around houses such as a garden shed, attics, eaves, trees, wall cavities and even under the ground. Is it safe to remove a wasp nest? First…

Frequently Asked Questions about Wasps and Hornets

How do wasps build their nests? Wasps nests are made of a paper paste built with a mixture of wood fragments and saliva. The wood is collected by the wasps from neighboring garden sheds, logs, fences, etc., and the fibre is extracted from the wasp powerful mandibles. The resulting soft wood pulp is then shaped and added…

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