Tuesday, 21 May 2019 20:02

Facts About Wasps

Wasps and Hornets are aggressive and unafraid. People are afraid of their painful stings and don’t like them because they build nests near houses during spring and summer. Here is some interesting facts about wasps:

  • Try not to kill a wasp near its nest as the venom contains a pheromone that attracts the other wasps and make them become more aggressive.
  • Wasps may sting over and over again.
  • Wasp stings usually wear off within a day, but for some people the venom causes anaphylactic shock (which can be fatal).
  • Wasp nests are made of papier mache coming from chewed up strips of bark.
  • A male wasp is called a "Drone". They die shortly after having mated with the Queen.
  • A wasp nest starts with only one queen each spring. She first raises a few worker wasps to bring food and make the nest larger.
  • In Ireland a nest can grow to 50,000 wasps during the summer.
  • In the winter some new queens survive by hibernating in attics, tree bark, old rodent burrows or other sheltered space.
  • Wasps live all over the world except Antarctica.
  • A queen starts a new colony each spring.