Wasp Nest in Your Garden Shed

If you have noticed a wasp nest in your shed, it is essential to take action before the infestation becomes a bigger problem. Wasps are aggressive and can be dangerous, especially if you have an allergy to their stings. In this blog, we will discuss the risks associated with a wasp nest in a shed and recommend…

Wasps in Dublin

The Risks with Wasps Wasps are a common sight in the Irish capital of Dublin, and while they may be beautiful to look at, they can pose a serious risk to both people and property. Wasps can be an especially dangerous pest to contend with in Dublin due to the city's large population and the number of…

Risks of Having a Wasp Nest in Your Garden

One of the most important aspects of maintaining the upkeep of lush and healthy plant life in your garden is to know the ins and outs of insects that can make their habitat on your trees. Wasps usually live in gardens and you can see them among tree branches. Being more familiar with the behavior of these…

Basic Facts about Wasps and Ways to Get Rid of Them from Your Dublin Home

Common wasps are insects that don’t like interacting with people but they can sting you if provoked. Wasp stings tend to be quite painful for everyone and worse, life-threatening to people with allergies. If you have confirmed or you suspect that there is a wasp problem in your Dublin home, there are several basic things you need…

Type of Wasps in Ireland and What Attracts Them?

What are the wasps we get in Ireland? There are only two species of wasps in Ireland that people mostly notice: the Common Wasp (Vespula vulgaris) and the German Wasp (Vespula germanica).  They are very similar in appearance, but the German wasp is slightly bigger. Queens have similar markings as workers, but they are bigger. It is…
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